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League Info & GM Responsibilities

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1 League Info & GM Responsibilities on Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:54 pm


League Info
GML will use the most up to date version of DDS: Pro Football 2016 by Wolverine Studios. All GM’s will be required to own DDS: Pro Football 2016, and be expected to update in accordance with the commissioner. The commissioner will notify the league as to when updates will occur.

GML will be built more on the roster building aspect more so then play calling. The league will NOT allow custom playbooks in an effort to prevent GM’s from gaming the system. All play calling will be done by using the in-game playbooks provided by DDS: Pro Football 2016. My goal is to create parrity within the league and given my own experience with the PFS engine, I feel the best way to do this is by removing a GM's ability to spam certain plays through custom playbooks.

The league format will be modeled after a 32 team, 16 week, 2 preseason game format, along with the current NFL playoff model. Overtime will use the modified sudden death format and there will be no ties. The idea of this league is to provide a realistic GM experience in which the decisions you make will have an impact on the game for your team. 10 seasons will be simulated prior to the start of the league in order to create some backstory for the league. The league will be populated with fictional teams and players. Please do not change any of the team information.


All GMs in the league are expected to submit regular exports and maintain an active presence on the league discussion forums. GM’s will run only one team at any time and be expected to communicate through the discussion forums with other GM’s. Communicating via email, instant message, or chat room is all at the discretion of the GM.

First and foremost the goal of this is for everyone to have fun and maintain the integrity of the game. If you happen to be aware of any bugs within the sim engine I would ask you to please not use them here as this is not the league for that. My goal is to try and keep the stats and rosters as close to the modern day NFL as much as possible.

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