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Practice Squad Eligibility and Claims

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1 Practice Squad Eligibility and Claims on Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:37 pm


Practice Squad Eligibility
Practice Squad is meant to develop players and therefore will not allow established veterans to be placed on it. Players who are at most 27 years old are allowed on practice squad. A player over the age of 27 is not allowed to be a part of a practice squad. If a GM is found to have a player over the age of 27 on the practice squad, the commissioner will cut the player and will make the original GM that owned the player wait at least one sim before giving that GM the opportunity to resign that player.

Practice Squad Claims
All players on a team’s practice squad are able to be claimed by another GM. If a practice squad player is claimed by a GM, that GM will be required to hold that player on the Active Roster. If the player is ever found to not be on the active roster for that season, that player will be returned to the original GM, if there is room on the original team. If there is no room on the team, then the player will be cut from the GM that claimed him. Like In-Season Free Agency list your team name and the week as the thread title, and in the text of thread list your players name, position, and the team you are claiming him from.

Tex Week 2 PS Claim
QB John Doe from Iowa

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