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Restricted Free Agency

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1 Restricted Free Agency on Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:54 pm


Restricted Free Agency
A Restricted Free Agent is defined as a player with less than 3 year’s experience in the league set to become a free agent. The RFA process will take place after the Superbowl Sim and before the season flip takes place.

A GM is allowed to tag two players with under three years’ experience as an RFA and prevent that player from hitting the free agent market. However, RFA’s can be signed to offer sheets by other teams and those other teams will provide each team with draft compensation. Teams trying to sign a player to an offer sheet must make an offer of at least 3 years and offer more than the round tender dollar amount. If numerous teams make offers for a player, the highest offer of total dollars  will win. Example 3 years at $7 million ($21 million) per year beats 4 years at $5 million per year ($20 million).

If your player is not signed to an offer sheet, the pay structure for tagging the players is below:
1st round Tender = 2 years $4,500,000
2nd round Tender = 2 years $3,500,000
3rd Round Tender = 2 years $2,500,000
4th Round Tender = 2 years $1,500,000
5th Round Tender = 2 years $800,000

Keep in mind that if you sign a player to an offer sheet you will be required to give up the draft pick in which the player was tendered. If you don’t own the pick in which you are offering for a player then it will move down to the next lowest round. If you don't own the next lowest round down, then your offer will be invalid and disregarded. Example Team A offers a contract to a player with a 2nd round tender, but Team A does not own a 2nd round pick. Team A will now be required to give up a 1st round pick for the player. A list of the tagged RFA’s will be provided at the end of each season by the commissioner and teams will be required to fill out a google form provided by the commissioner for the player in which they plan on signing to an offer sheet.

RFA's will be listed the same way In-Season Free Agency and Practice Squad Claims are done. The name of the thread will be your Team's Name RFA Tags and in the body of the thread you will include your player's position, name, overall and round that you are tendering the player at.

Texas RFA Tag
QB John Doe 80 overall 1st round tender

Once all the RFA's have been determined, the Commissioner will compile a spreadsheet and provide it to the rest of the league. The spreadsheet will be locked so that it can not be manipulated, so I would strongly urge GM's to review the players they have interest within the game and submit their offers using the form below.

In order to put the claim in the GM will be required to fill out a google form listed here: 2015 Mock RFA Form. The form will return your offer on a spreadsheet that only the commissioner has access to. All offers will be hidden so that other teams will not be able to see what your offer is.

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