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1 Team Owners on Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:04 pm


Alabama Predators
Arizona Rattlers
Arkansas Coyotes
California Redwoods - Docw
Carolina Hawks
Dakota Bisons
Florida Sharks
Georgia Vipers
Illinois Cyclones - Lowell
Iowa Blaze
Kansas Thunder
Kentucky Jacks
Lousiana Voodoo - Skelter
Maine Bulldogs
Maryland Admirals - Gbmoore
Massachusetts Marauders
Michigan Phantoms
Minnesota Storm
Mississippi Goliaths
Montana Timberwolves -Jearly
Nevada Wolfpack
New Mexico Dragons
New York Hitmen
Ohio Reapers - Bioeagle
Oklahoma Tuskers
Oregon Crush
Pennsylvania Prowlers
Tennessee Pride - Pride
Texas Warriors - Robmeister89
Virginia Frenzy
Washington Grizzlies
Wisconsin Bulls - Palmolive44

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